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i play ball. i enjoyed the us versions available this is your marketplace today research makes the network. new new new. the art in america over the weekend of shooting inside of maryland law must be people that will take an in depth look at the growing trend from gun violence on thinking less of a hat. and more still no fall out. now two men involved and it points changes had been arrested and charged for money laundering. authorities say they've wandered one million dollars worth of currency for the black market website. one that coming up hence the whistleblower john
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kerry auckland is only helpful drops in from his prison cell in pennsylvania his latest letter accuses prison officials of violating his rights by censoring his communication with the rest of the details from three apple behind bars. later in the show. a new. it's tuesday january. in washington d c i'm your deep if you're wanting rt america the weekend today with a gun violence in the wet in the us over the weekend a mall shooting took place in columbia maryland a city located just outside of washington dc. shooting highlights the increase in gun violence across america in recent years. research released by yale school of medicine estimates that out of the over ten thousand cans shot in the us in two thousand nine least one third of them die. additionally according to a usa today reports about last month nine hundred and thirty four
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people died and mass shootings over the past seven years. that's only one percent of all gun related homicides. and it's this high volume of shootings and makes the latest incident feels somewhat routine art evening and lopez was in columbia maryland and brings us the story the church is becoming all too common theme in the last month in a month into the new year shootings have dominated headlines leaving dozens dead and many more. fearing for their safety. come on the wall became the latest scene and the shooting here in the last shooting happened on saturday morning at about eleven am the man allegedly shot two people and kill them before turning the gun on himself police officers of swat and first responders arrived on the scene in two minutes. is the lessons from previous massacre and the immediately enter the mall rather than waiting to secure the surrounding area the gunmen then dearie and marcus angular and nineteen
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year old newly graduated high school student. his victims twenty one year old rhiannon than wallow and twenty five year old tyler johnson. most victims were kids and we skate shop on the upper level of home. the killing spree was over in seconds to realize lake. this was going on. and that is. so then there was a time were right behind us was like three shots now we began to teach others the scale into words and down the old sears and act in any of it. i just wish now and when words are there people knowing it was just trying to get to see it now we are trying to figure out the shooters in the nets and windy strategies continue to occur. we have about one hundred times the rate of gun homicides and violent gun crimes. relative to many countries of western europe and we should not be in the business of normalizing violence since the beginning of twenty fourteen and urban
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settings school shootings across the country in just fourteen schoolmates resulting in one shooting every other day. meanwhile both baltimore and boston and then the scenes of unprecedented gang violence just north of the columbia mall stealing in baltimore newspapers report. sixteen people were shot and killed within the first twelve days of this year alone the youngest victim sixteen year old marc crawford. he was shot seven times in the mac. and then on tuesday night. yet another gang shooting. another nineteenillee over the weekend in boston three shootings that left three people dead in just twenty four hours bringing the total to nineteen for this here. that's the highest death toll has been a city this early in the year in recent history. shootings are committed to gain related retaliation. so what is being done to curb this alarming trend. federal and local lawmakers are coming up with a wide range of responses. in
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louisiana state representatives are debating proposals to restrict sales force and the riders to complete a safety training course first and oklahoma state senator nathan donna says violence will only decrease if everyone owns a gun. regardless of their train or their state of mental health. he is pushing to eliminate gun licensing and background checks the federal level president obama confronted the issue during last year's state of the union address. ideas parents named cleo. or in this chamber tonight along with more than two dozen americans whose lives have been torn apart by gun violence. they deserve a vote the uh the uh the dead and over. the boat the family bobo little door to
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the bobo. it was built to increase the ground checks in the senate failed to overcome a filibuster this year president obama is not expected to address gun control in his speech but could take executive action in the near future. though not everyone agrees with legislation the bottom line is that you can't write a law that essentially will apply to someone who's a law breaker. you can assign penalties to lawbreakers but you can stop and create a new law the control someone's behavior than a month has gone down in the us over the past two decades. however this recent uptick of shootings has once again that made the second amendment right to bear arms a target of debate in the pursuit of safety. in washington that amal parents are t. and the justice department has agreed to relax its longstanding gag order on certain types of data requests made to tech companies allowing them to the first time to publicize how much customer information they must turn over to the government government for
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more an actor's ortiz last long. so here at the seats of the neck conference happens every year and brings together hundreds of people and have quarrels and government leaders of course one of the issues that they had to discuss today is this issue on nsa spying and possible reforms to the program. this of course in the wake of the very controversial revelations from plumbers and as a contractor and word salad and a one of the speakers today on this very topic was a judge to judge by the name non james carr use of a formerly i'm judging in the fight to court if the court that ultimately approved is our government surveillance requests he discussed some of the changes you believe should be made to the process. the need for this kind of outside influence whether the senate representing the interests of the party. representing the interests of the constitution interests of the nor a handful of times in
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my six years with some of you know i really would like to have somebody else in the room. walking to me about this set so we judges make their minds up about something. now one of the most recent controversies to come out of the adverts note and revelations is that the nsa news is i fell in applications or smartphone applications to spy on their targets. one of the most notable absentee use again angry during this game it looks like it's all fun and games but apparently according to these documents these kinds of apps can provide the nsa which huge amounts of information. we're talking information from location and political affiliation and sexual orientation and other personal information google maps is another tool that is used by the nsa according to these documents. the nsa has responded by saying they only collect information for quotes. counter intelligence purpose as is on clear the scope of this program and how often they do tap into
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these applications to get information. now allowed meanwhile some of the biggest names in and tax of the biggest tech companies like who will be on to facebook mike are soft. they have all reached a deal with the justice department where they can now just glows. i'd be on the amount of requests and and when exactly i have personal information is requested from them. all of this. isn't it time to be more transparent as this debate rages on about privacy and government spying. here in washington a small artsy and ukraine's parliament voted today to rip your heart and protests lives. just hours after prime minister nikola eyes are up submitted his resignation in a bid to an anti government protests the prime minister's claim that this man his mail was motivated by efforts to peacefully resolve the current crisis parties' peter oliver reports the ukrainian president the dna code which has accepted the resignation of
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prime minister nikola as out of the arms of his confidence they will remain in their positions as if all the time being until replacement soften up was in place but they can stay in those positions for us but just as long as sixty days according to the lower here that is they all say see a much anticipated emergency session of parliament and its the twenty two to discuss their plight will make his bed and they have made some changes to the lowest one of the ad. the major changes to taking place in this budget forty anonymously by and by anti skid by two met by the rugged ftc staff and that was to repeal the ad agency auntie demonstration goals that we came into force on the fourteenth old this month they felt they had torn away on the field now also of the major issues that were of the discussion is going to be lot more discussion to come was the head cold soba amnesty for anybody to be detained by police. though
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the session that is taking place on tuesday. they did with them saying that at the session tuesday they said they would continue long and tough negotiations about what form that promised he would take if that was going to be any kind of amnesty before they could put into a poker expected to be a re post all months old with skateboarding know i know that the good news coming to its own cheese day is that it's coming from a guy is pretty much the mayor of independence playing he said about this deep sense of what was the commander of the area defense would be just over the tops with the amazing ordeal this head demonstration has been taking place. and he said that the only way this demonstrates is relieved the opposition supporters will leave the occupied government buildings. this way and fifty of the cove which leaves holla. so despite the stations in concessions might even try to make bad decisions and little grumpy trying to pay phones had vital make is this still numb to say on that
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the streets of kiev saying that they are not willing to budge on the head to mom's out so it looks right now all eyes now looking towards wooden stake to see what comes when will make his votes on how an old book formal whether they will have any kind of amnesty for those detained by police. matt was our team correspondent peter oliver. a and federal prosecutors of officially charged today calling on screen or is that using the virtual currency to launder one million dollars for drug trafficking on the underground website so proud so proud was a black market website that allowed users to buy everything from cocaine to guns all and honestly it using a points robert fry ella who one by the name of dtc came and ran additional money exchange for the site was arrested in his florida home. additionally trolley stranded overnight in a quaint celebrity was arrested at new york's kennedy airport. then going as a form of digital cash that allows users to bypass
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banks and credit card companies. when the fbi shut down the silk road site knocked over and sees millions of dollars and that points a set of digital currency was being used to cloak their vehicle traits. i was joined earlier by our keys on the stasi attract enough from our new york bureau. eleven more about this latest development at first asked her about the details and the rest of her leash friends and connections is so proud meera twenty four year old charlie friend was arrested upon landing on this weekend on sunday at new york jfk airport upon returning from amsterdam where he was giving a speech to think of the manhattan the federal courthouse where he has now been released on bond of one million dollars and is currently under former rest in his parents' home in brooklyn and he was charged with conspiring to commit money laundering with operating an unlicensed money transmitting business as well as failing to report to a lawyer nor need any suspicious activity is apt he had died quickly pled not
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guilty and is the thing as much as thirty years behind bars because the prosecution is saying that to defeat all of the day when exchange company based in east and how i've not been helping users by over one million dollars worth of point two liter of evil to use this money on silk road if after the notorious website dubbed by officials to be on the black market bazaar of the illegal drug her to say than the most dangerous sites on the internet shirt and a second man robert fry a less known is that ptc can. how is he allegedly involved in this whole ordeal. well after a two year old white yellow blue and also rested this weekend at his home in florida and charged to win back to hubby's charge of conspiring to commit money laundering as well as operating an unlicensed money transmitting business. and basically what the prosecution into the play love doing is operating on the silk road west side of my
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time on my not get me going when i catch the item marked up price ellington he declines to users on a non title bout buying them off i'm sure our website and that their connection to and because he was minded to claims of their website selling them. i knock on my right hand and not getting kind of some kind of deals in which around because he would bite the bait point in much larger stock and phil ivey officials are saying. twenty eleven to twenty thirty and making a go or exchanging over one million dollars worth of the point that back i wish the silk road users again because that's the point is the only currency that was allowed to be used on its website that site now shoved out to be able to buy drugs online. so the question is where do they take their cases go from here at a kansas expected to have a larger impact on the big queen community as a whole. i miss the most important question in this case because
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the decline of community and the quaint render that was only beginning to really take off and dad this is one of the questions whether or not these particular are wrapped and was going to happen to live these two men shot in particular because he was really a celebrity like you mentioned in a bit when world and. the with and supported the thing that they will only be banned at that point and is being attacked because it's the virtual currency that is not connected to banks and corporations that it's much harder to track online obviously that now you know using a credit card debt and to be there some of the concerns and some convincing that this is possibly an attempt to scare the midpoint community like you know will wait and see obviously it how desperate these particular cases and up in catching the odd what happens to bake we should be really interesting to see how all of this plays out. and the coming months our t's iss future confirming your studio i was looking and acting so
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grown and they claim this is not thousands of others from celebrating its future as an alternative currency. rt scary and boring without the north american big queen conference in miami this weekend brings us more. when believers think this peanut network is going to take over the world's banking system that stimulates. but its reputation for facilitating on to tahiti or makes it a risky and there is a significant amount of people who still don't know what the calling is or how to use them to skeptics doubt this will catch on. here at the north american pickling conference in miami beach florida. they claim to deity is babbling and extraordinary growth ticket to a currency can see it in the past year it's unbelievable migration of human talent and capital moving to the point last year at this time we had seventy thousand users the clock to dot info and just a week ago we got one point one million which is a major milestone for a company but especially for a fix when this business there's plenty of room for more big point. there are so many opportunities for innovation on top of the coin we haven't even scratched
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the surface yet. gardening is that for us grow its mark on track to be able to buy a car and have the title transferred on the block team got him home in decatur among some of the person to claim businesses to be the groundwork for the fledgling currency the next step is to make it more user friendly people every dandelion seeds e mail that probably have no idea how it works under the covers but the music as its simple free and easy. last semester said you were in the world for free. leaking to the same thing with the points and money anywhere in the world basically for free so we have to make it that simple and were working on things like after dinner user interface design and education systems tell people i see him happy as it is really a focus for two thousand fourteen. to provide financial services to people who don't have access to the us. jeffrey tucker is using according to hop onto liberty dot me. the emerging markets with our underpants or down that means that all how can they accept that going in and start their own business using this new
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technology. who turned two so i can go anywhere the concert on the feet of snow. you can sell yourself or your services anywhere in the world record for the effective access to the bay. all you have to supplement turns out that the law but to his cell phone so that the bank accounts actually all of the well of the truth and the machinations and got it but i think that we have out why at all and the right to mark its effects and that is their cell phones for their baby. cyber criminals to use as a tool to protect the beach and in many wonder it was a decent role as the sin of the clinics he said at the hands of governments and central banks we bypassed all the of the royal mint. in december which i never stepped in it's amazing the cooling the price drop ten percent in
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one day. the government make the city can only go so far this entry several digital point. more regulations govern the coming and going to maximize the more you instead of eyes to the distance. a lot of natural medicine these regulations are kept from going to become a doctor it's as if they're going to be counterproductive. but the couple. white's right at the end of the national currency debts. it supported say these challenges that will be overcome in the long run in the calling that will transform digital comics the is still in its earliest days of the industry development because of my town is so horrid including flights volatility government like the sand about the length of adelaide says that over time. there have been a life that you get points in the series and on to newark. the disruptive technology. it's here to stay in the heats for the fury and boring parts. our latest regarding whistleblower john terry on sale now learning that the bureau of prisons is making a concerted effort to stop carry on to from sending letters from prison. you may
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remember i carry on to was the first member of the caa to publicly acknowledge that torture was an official us policy under the bush administration in two thousand trial he was convicted for providing the name of an officer involved in the c i a's rendition program to a reporter. he began serving a thirty month prison sentence in february of last year soon after theory argue began writing what's the point of letters from the red owl and that she communicates with his supporters and talks about his prison experience as the letters published on fire dog lake. when the script didn't often revealed the correction in the legalities taking place behind prison walls. but in august of twenty thirteen carry on to abruptly stop writing. after the prison administration informed him that he would be able to serve the final part of his sentence in a halfway house but this was only if he agreed to stop sending the letters. however the prison leader broke its promise and carry on cutie decided to resume his letter writing. and in his most
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recent letter to grow. i have learned firsthand that the prison administration's greatest perceived threat is mine freedom of speech. now earlier i spoke with kevin this fellow blogger and fire dog lake. first and someone even bureau of prisons classified carry out these letters is dangerous. biden is dangerous but the letters that fire juggling dot com has been publishing it in the middle of last year's event was the idea is that dangerous to the prison facility in colorado pennsylvania because of his access to the press. i guess they were good publicity. he obtained documents showing that classified for central in the monitoring and esteem that they scrutinize and more happily than other prisoners inside the facility right his latest latter half of outbreaks he said. the deal he is afraid of knowing what the prison system is really
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like they're afraid of the disclosure that they don't bother to follow their own rules are framed and you'll learn that they can violate the law suite into maybe he just examples of how carry out those letters illustrate this what are some of the regulations that were being violated. boy is talking about was specifically how supporters of syriac to have been emailing him letters of support trying to correspond with them. and what made that having happened is that lenders are opened. and then those letters are sent back to that. it appears that the one person had escaped the killer shot and the letter came back to them and yet no idea that i have to react. he's having his letters didn't die to happen even being notified of the fact that the warden of the soap body is rejecting these letters. we've also been instances where people mail is being opened and i
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guess kerry doesn't get a chance to appropriately challenge to us if it's legal or special middle east coast to be able to watch for an open network and inspect it and make sure that it's not threatening to the facility and i have to happen i don't think i'm the only thing is the email the email service and it takes awhile to send emails i receive them. but apparently to use it anymore send emails should find this conversation. granted i did the opposite of the staffers inside them and they talk about an upcoming kavanagh said. and something to him about something is why etc posted something. you have about identity might have one example is considering going to do business or do some work in south africa and i said well i've someone came up to me and said to be a great person might be talking about doing business in south africa and the thought that was kind of freaky him until he decided to refrain from
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talking about. you know. also something peculiar is that his mail was only delivered on monday is which i find very interesting was the rationale and then relegated on the mail just one day the week the rationale would probably be the same for all the other violations of its rights to the fact that you have write access to the press. maybe they just want to take their time getting letters and correspondence. they don't want to inconvenience the fact that he is someone who is very popular right now chris and erica goes on yawn and say that he has more rights than anybody else still be in the process is actually good and i am is right it's great. his obvious thirtieth ladder before all this went down before he stopped communicating. carry on to explain that he was forced to sign and nemo from the us justice department that stated he was legally obligated to clear everything he brought with the cis publication review board. it turned out he was actually legally obligated to do
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anything. the economy and intimidated and essentially into signing that now now yes according to lawyer this is a legal and constitutional. you submit your prison letters to the cis pre publication review board. they have nothing to do this time is an intelligence officer. they also would happen to carry a clear and essentially he sat down and ordered decided to hand over her. that said it would be sending the letters that were giving them to ca for a few of them for publishing. and actually it seems he has been doing this we should be required to show he has been sending letters you see i set one in december. he published a copy of it. notice that the impact that they have received this
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letter. and then in a span of a lot. they proved that. i think that i haven't gone back to look at the posting was put out by the beach at that. that december letter we did. i got leaked onto the middle of the week of january i'm just getting it approved. and as i understand it and carry out the submitted a freedom of information act request for himself. i was last year was revealed in that way request revelation within a vacuum was designated center of the main monitor at which i am telling you you're supposed to be notified of the market. this designation an important letter i read it correctly. you're happy with. that's right. the two hundred and fifty seven pages that i was able to obtain from that there were five that were marked out for yet he does and does not really sticking me to have any idea what's being censored in those five pages that they chose not to reveal the hand
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the year that somehow you to figure out i'm at me because it is a journey like some kind of request for that information was awesome to meet you at the zoo. the fact that this person would be representing him legally. so i don't know. the mermaids singing louder. that's the way of accessing the contents of those agents otherwise he would have enabled this right the passages from time as he does in the latter. so i don't think they managed actually would hold it hold any information. and what they wanted to share. what made you so much for all of your insight on this very important case to the stall of blogger at fire dog lake i was a time when doctors find something in your teens it's not me. but now researchers have found dna in the teeth of two germans killed fifteen hundred years ago and adjusting in play and use those great things to recreate the bacteria. what are they find well at the very same bacteria that
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cause cause the justine in clay also cause the famous black death plague. but in recreating the strains of the plague the scientists did something very similar to love researchers at ten day journey found twenty eight days later. take a look at how it turned out for them woohoo long room the deal in. the content or corn are who led the research told ap that at the plate becomes airborne people could die within twenty four hours of being infected. that's very scary. as a free now for more on the stories we covered the ot youtube dot com such rt america check out our website our t dot com site usa to follow me on twitter and irritated the news. use
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it. ah. i know. daddy with us on this edition of nice line at one stage anyway twenty ninth and casting call and she and two camps. people are in ukraine are waiting to see how some key political changes or plain out on the street. the prime minister and his cabinet resigned to take responsibility for two months of unrest. but opposition leaders and their supporters are seeking more concessions before they back down. i msged me culls


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